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Beactica signs three-year extension of master services deal with Sanofi

Published 28 May 2018

Swedish drug discovery company Beactica has entered into a three-year extension of its master services agreement with Sanofi.

The agreement outlines the legal terms under which Beactica and Sanofi collaborate on the characterization of interactions between novel therapeutics and their target proteins.

As part of the collaboration, Beactica scientists have supported Sanofi with analysis of the interaction kinetics between insulin analogues and their two binding sites on the full-length insulin receptor.

Results from the collaboration contributed towards the regulatory approval of Insulin lispro Sanofi®, a rapid-acting insulin biosimilar recently introduced on the market by Sanofi.

Beactica CEO Dr Per Källblad said: "We are pleased to extend our agreement with Sanofi and look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration.

"It is very rewarding to see tangible evidence on how Beactica's expertise and capabilities contribute towards products that increase the quality of life for patients living with compromised health conditions."

Beactica has established relationships with several global top-20 pharmaceutical companies as well as a growing number of biotech companies. The collaboration with Sanofi is ongoing since 2015.

Beactica AB is a specialist drug discovery company, utilising its proprietary methodologies to evaluate the interactions of molecules in order to generate novel therapeutics. As well as progressing its own drug discovery programmes in areas of unmet medical need, Beactica offers partnerships for fragment-based lead generation using its proprietary discovery platform.

Founded in 2006 based on research carried out at Uppsala University, Beactica has established a reputation as a world-leader in fragment-based drug discovery using SPR biosensor technology.

Source: Company Press Release