Production & Manufacturing

ImmunoCellular reports efficacy of ICT-107 vaccine manufacturing process

PBR Staff Writer Published 13 March 2012

Los Angeles-based clinical-stage company ImmunoCellular Therapeutics' method for manufacturing ICT-107 has demonstrated enhanced efficiency, consistency and convenience, compared to other methods for producing DC-based immunotherapies.

ImmunoCellular said ICT-107 is its lead dendritic cell (DC) based vaccine for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

The company in collaboration with its partners has developed the manufacturing method, which employs a closed-bag system designed to produce highly potent DCs from white blood cells (WBCs) collected from patients, and for subsequently cryopreserving the DCs for future vaccine treatments.

The process has also been optimized to produce high levels of certain cytokines that play a key role in initiating immune response, said the company.

The process can produce up to 30 vials of ICT-107 product and 30 vials of placebo (DCs without tumor-specific antigens) in a single production run, according to data from the analysis of the manufacturing method.

IMUC president and CEO Manish Singh said, "Based on the benefits our manufacturing process provides in terms of efficiency, cost and convenience for both patient and physician, we are confident in our ability not only to produce sufficient vaccine for current and future clinical trials, but also to bring to market a commercially viable product that has been shown to provide highly significant and urgently needed improvements in survival outcomes for patients with GBM."