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Sanofi to invest €170m for expansion of French vaccine manufacturing facility

PBR Staff Writer Published 12 October 2017

Sanofi is set to invest around €170m to expand its vaccine manufacturing facility in Val de Reuil, France.

The new facility is being developed to support the firm’s global vaccines business unit to expand supply of VaxigripTetra to around 70 countries in six continents.

As per World Health Organization recommendation, the new quadrivalent influenza vaccine includes two A strains and two B strains of influenza virus.

VaxigripTetra, which is already available in 20 European markets, can be used for adults and children from 3 years and older.

Subject to relevant health authority approvals, Sanofi intends to complete the expansion of the facility by 2021.

The new facility is expected to start the production of vaccines in 2022.

Established in 1973, Val de Reuil manufacturing site is involved in influenza vaccine production.

The facility is said to cover all the steps involved in manufacturing a vaccine, including antigen production and formulation.

It also covers the stages of pharmaceutical preparation such as filling, inspection and packaging, as well as quality control.

In addition, Val de Reuil facility is comprised of Sanofi Pasteur's global vaccine distribution center, which distributes up to 900 million vaccine doses per annum across the globe.

Sanofi Pasteur head and Sanofi executive vice president David Loew said: “Influenza continues be a major public health problem around the world, causing serious complications, hospitalizations and deaths, mostly for certain high-risk individuals.

“As a global leader in flu vaccines, this expansion reinforces Sanofi Pasteur’s ability to tackle this underestimated health challenge.”