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Wedgewood Pharmacy to compound leukemia drug

PBR Staff Writer Published 21 April 2011

Wedgewood Pharmacy, a New Jersey-based compounding pharmacy, is set to compound leukemia drug Cytarabine 20mg/ml injection solution which is in short supply due to increased demand and manufacturing delays.

Wedgewood Pharmacy makes customized prescription medications when FDA approved manufactured drugs like Cytarabine which are not available or when human and animal patients need a special dosage-form or flavor of a medication.

Cytarabine is a sterile solution that must be prepared under special conditions using specialized equipment.

These include preparation under laminar airflow hoods in a cleanroom by a hooded, gowned and gloved pharmacist, and rigorous testing for sterility, potency and contaminants.

Wedgewood Pharmacy president and CEO George Malmberg said physicians are well advised to question the experience and facilities of any compounding pharmacy they may consider as an alternative source of Cytarabine during the current shortage.