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SAI Life Sciences – Solutions That Add Up SAI Life Sciences is a strategic Discovery and Contract Development & Manufacturing Service organization, with a broad service platform tailored to deliver "Solutions that Add Up" for the diverse needs of pharma and biotech companies. Its mission is to help its partners develop innovative medicines quicker and at lower cost by providing reliable research & manufacturing solutions.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems - Glass Tubing and Primary Packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of glass tubing, primary packaging and specialized analytical lab services for the pharmaceutical industry.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers SCM Pharma - Sterile Manufacturing and Aseptic Filling of Liquids, Gels and Powders (Including Cytotoxic and C14 Radiolabled Drugs) Into Vials, Ampoules, Syringes and Cartridges SCM Pharma is UK-based pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) that works with clients progressing drugs through clinical trials and others that require low volume commercial supply of niche licensed products.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers Sharp Clinical Services - Clinical Trials Supply Chain Services We are a leading supplier of specialist clinical supply chain services, covering drug product development and manufacturing services, complex clinical supplies packaging, clinical labelling, as well as clinical distribution services.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers Shimadzu - Analytical Instrumentation Shimadzu is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of analytical instrumentation. Its equipment and systems are used as essential tools for quality control of consumer goods and articles of daily use, in health care as well as in all areas of environmental and consumer protection.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers SIRION BIOTECH - Novel In Vitro Cell Models For Improved Compound & Target Research SIRION BIOTECH specialises in viral vector platforms and provides sophisticated cell modelling, which enables a highly improved target identification and compound screening in the drug, food and cosmetic industries
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers Sofrigam - Industrial Insulated and Refrigerated Packaging Sofrigam designs and qualifies isothermal and refrigerated packaging enabling the transport of heat sensitive products in non-refrigerated vehicles.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers Solutions4Science - Temperature Mapping and Validation Services Solutions4Science provides the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry with temperature mapping and monitoring services in order to ensure optimum conditions for the production, testing and storage of pharmaceutical products.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers Sotax - Solutions for Pharmaceutical Testing SOTAX is a global leader in providing high-quality dissolution testing systems, automated sample preparation workstations for content uniformity, assay and blend uniformity testing, as well as physical tablet testing instruments for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, medical device and biopharmaceutical industries.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers Stratophase - Illuminate Your Process with Essential, Real Time Continuous Information The drive for improved quality, yield and process knowledge is leading bioprocess users to consider new technologies to control and monitor their processes at all stages from Process Development through to Pilot Plant and Full Scale Manufacturing.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers Suzhou Pharma Services - Solid Dose Contract Development and Commercial Manufacturing in China Suzhou Pharma Services is a US based contract development and commercial manufacturing organization specializing in solid oral dosage forms with an FDA approved and Chinese SFDA licensed cGMP manufacturing facility located in Suzhou, China.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers Synergy Outsourcing - Outsourcing and Insourcing Solutions Synergy outsourcing is a functional service provider giving the outsourcing industry a unique dual channel approach to outsourcing.
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