Production & Manufacturing

NETZSCH - Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Machinery

NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC (Exton, Pa.), provides customized grinding, mixing, dispersing, kneading, deaeration, classifying, and laboratory solutions for all industries including pharmaceutical. More than 130 years of experience, targeted development and daily contact with customers, combined with process engineering know-how and an extensive machine and plant program, make NETZSCH one of the world's leading suppliers.

Nanotechnology leadership

NETZSCH grinding technology leads the way, expanding the new nano frontier for pharmaceuticals. In fact, the Zeta® bead mill is the top choice in high-tech applications, specifically in the pharmaceutical industry.

NETZSCH provides industry leading bead mills for consistent nano-sized particle reductions, as well as dispersion mills for uniform dispersion of nanoparticles in solution. Our engineers designed the Zeta® grinding and dispersion system specifically to achieve very narrow submicron particle-size distributions with unmatched repeatability and reliability.


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