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Molnár-Institute - DryLab HPLC Method Development Software

Founded in 1981, Molnár-Institute focuses on strategies for improving the efficiency and success of modern HPLC. Our state-of-the-art HPLC modelling software, DryLab supports chromatographers worldwide in method development, optimisation, troubleshooting, robustness testing, and training.

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HPLC method development

Using real data from a minimal number of experimental runs, DryLab builds selectivity maps depicting the interaction of the most important parameters influencing an HPLC separation. Our systematic, guided method development process reduces development time from weeks to hours, and helps users optimise a wide range of parameters based on their specific method requirements. Simultaneously, it also minimises expensive trail-and-error approaches to method refinement.

Quality by design (QbD) approach for analytical methods

DryLab enables easy compliance with regulatory (QbD) standards through its systematic approach to HPLC method development, in which the interaction of all influential method parameters is assessed. Our cube feature provides an intuitive visualisation of the design space and allows for increased regulatory flexibility, as movements with the design space are not considered a change in the method.

Robustness testing for method validation

Robustness testing, an important part of the validation process, determines if a method can be used routinely without producing out of specification (OoS) results. DryLab's robustness testing features help users achieve a 100% success rate in routine applications by statistical testing of the method's robustness thresholds.

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