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Molnár-Institute - DryLab HPLC Method Development Software Case Studies

Molnár-Institute - DryLab HPLC Method Development Software

3-Dimensional Retention Modelling of Gradient Time, Ternary Solvent-Strength and Temperature of the Reversed-phase Gradient Liquid Chromatography The paper highlights the applicability of this approach for the rapid development of high quality robust LC methodologies.
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Practical Application of the Quality by Design Principles to the Development of an HPLC Assay Method for an API and Impurities The method for the assay of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and five known and unknown impurities was developed in accordance to Quality by Design (QbD) principles. Highly influential separation parameters were simultaneously and systematically studied so that the quality of the HPLC method could be understood, controlled and ensured.
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From Csaba Horváth to Quality by Design: Visualizing Design Space in Selectivity Exploration of HPLC Separations A modern approach to HPLC method development within the Quality by Design framework: the multifactorial optimization of three critical HPLC method parameters.
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