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PolyPeptide Group - Proprietary and Generic GMP-Grade Peptides

The PolyPeptide Group is a privately-held group of manufacturing companies that focuses on proprietary and generic GMP-grade peptides for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnological market.

GMP Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Peptide Projects

With more than 50 years of experience, and as the number two peptide manufacturing organisation in the world, the Group is committed to the highest quality of peptide manufacturing, irrespective of whether this is for approved drug substances, GMP peptides in clinical trials, or small-scale non-GMP custom syntheses.

The acquisition of NeoMPS in 2007 by the PolyPeptide Group complements its long-established core strength in GMP manufacturing and broadens its range of services to support peptide projects from their conception through to commercialisation. With its increased capacity for GMP manufacturing and expanded capabilities for small-scale non-GMP custom peptides, the PolyPeptide Group has become stronger and better equipped to serve the needs of its customers at all stages of pharmaceutical peptide development.

With its multi-national organisation, strict focus on peptides and solid financial base, the group offers an almost unique security of supply to its customers.

GMP Grade Peptides and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

The group has six GMP facilities located across three continents: Denmark (Hillerod), France (Strasbourg), India (Mumbai), Sweden (Malmö), USA (San Diego and Torrance). GMP grade peptides can be manufactured at all facilities, in quantities ranging from grams to tens of kilograms. The flexibility of the production site can be of great value to our customers, depending on the location of their clinical trials and regulatory filings. Furthermore, the multiple sites ensure clients stability in production.

The group has a long history of cGMP compliant manufacture and has over 20 approved drug substances worldwide.

Peptide Generics: Calcitonin, Desmopressin, Leuprolide and Octreotide

The PolyPeptide's Group generic portfolio is constantly expanding and includes well-known peptides such as Calcitonin, Desmopressin, Leuprolide and Octreotide as well as newly off-patent peptides like Eptifibatide and Bivalirudin.

The group explicitly commits to long-term continuous supply and cost-competitiveness of high quality peptide API manufacturing, up-to very high volumes. The services include support for all regulatory and approval processes, and full GMP documentation is provided for all our generic products.

Peptide Synthesis

The PolyPeptide Group supplies a full spectrum of services for peptide synthesis, including:

  • A comprehensive catalogue of more than 1,250 bioactive peptides
  • Custom synthesis of research grade peptides, stable and radio isotope-labeled peptides, and production of antipeptide antibodies
  • Lead optimisation, pre-GMP and process development for future scale-up, including bulk non-GMP manufacture

Organic Chemicals and Amino Acids

A dedicated catalogue section includes over 700 special amino acids and derivatives, building blocks and turn mimics, all available from stock. Custom organic chemicals can also be developed in house. We can also provide custom synthesis of non-peptidic molecules, from several grams to several hundreds of grams and cGMP manufacturing at kilogram scale.

The Group has laboratories dedicated to the chemistry of amino acids, solution-phase peptide synthesis and traditional organic chemistry. Laboratory protocols can be scaled up to pilot scale or full scale manufacturing in reactors up to 650l.


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