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Rentschler - High-Performance Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing

Identifying the most appropriate contract manufacturer who can best fulfil what you need for your lead pharmaceutical candidate is a real challenge. With over 40 years’ experience, Rentschler is one of the industry leaders for contract development and manufacturing.

For our clients, we lead projects to success according to their needs and timelines, which helps enhance their competitiveness. Delivering successful projects allows us to make an essential contribution to the global availability of biotechnological pharmaceuticals. Rentschler is an owner-managed, medium-sized company acting independently on a long-term basis.

Full-service concept

RentschlerOur full-service offering covers all activities from biopharmaceutical development through to manufacturing, analytical testing services and quality control to fill & finish.

Focused on mammalian cell lines, our experience covers the development and manufacturing of recombinant proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins, cytokines and enzymes in compliance with international GMP standards (EMA/FDA). Our many successful projects and long-term client relationships directly illustrate our experience and reliability.

Innovative technology

RentschlerRentschler's proprietary TurboCell™ mammalian expression platform enables the simultaneous production of up to 20 early-stage drug candidate variants. The vector construction is based on site-directed integration of genes allowing the production of a reproducible and stable cell line. Specifically, this approach enables the fast supply of material within just six weeks (stable cell pools) or twelve weeks (clonal cell lines) to be used in early drug testing and pre-clinical studies.

Science-driven performance and cutting-edge technologies

Our success as a CDMO is underpinned by our focus on product quality, on-time delivery as well as comprehensive and tailored project management. This is further supported by the scientific strength of our team.

Rentschler employs cutting-edge technologies to ensure safe and stable cell culture and protein purification processes. Our state-of-the-art facilities and processes including batch, fed-batch, continuous and perfusion processing, allow us to manufacture material for clinical phases and commercial supplies. GMP certified suites with stainless steel bioreactors up to 3,000 L and single-use bioreactors with volumes of up to 2,000 L, support the flexible and customized cost-efficient manufacturing of material demanded by our global clients. In addition, Rentschler's fill & finish facility offers aseptic liquid filling in vials, lyophilizates, and aseptic liquid filling of prefilled syringes.


Expert guidance and solutions

RentschlerOur experience with international regulatory affairs and authorities allows us to maximize approval rates which can reduce not only the time-to-market but also support the overall success of the client's project.

The Rentschler brand stands for expert guidance, long-term expertise, flexibility, innovation, and independence, all of which help deliver the right solutions for our clients and support the quickest time to market.
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